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Color Swap & Switch


Welcome to Color Swap a simple addictive gameplay, you will be moving very fast and have to switch quickly to go far, follow color pattern to cross multi colored obstacle in this amazing action game! 4 Colour Switch is a challenging endless one that is fun for all ages.The objective of Color Switch is quite simple, Going up, pass through the same color of the character and don’t touch the other colors. The more stars you collect, the better score you have.
Whenever you collect a power-ups the ball switch color in a new one, you just have to follow the pattern to cross the circle or the triangle. Theres only four colors on the game every time you change the color.
Color Switch & Swap is a fun and challenging colour puzzle game. It is one of those games where you get frustrated every time if you get stuck, yet you will continue to play for hours until you beat the level. Then the cycle starts all over again on the next level. Resistance is the key to overcome all the challenges!
Keep play Color swap and beat your friends score by comparing on the Top leaderboard.How far can you get ?